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πŸ”₯Burn $LOOT => xLOOT

$LOOT burning is currently paused.

At all times, $LOOT can be burned into $xLOOT which receives a higher share of LootBot revenue (+200%)

$xLOOT is the ERC-721 derivative token in the form of an Non-fungible token (NFT).

$xLOOT contract address: 0x9237DfD3Ff86710bfD16Ee6172F184a2bB4de10A

To receive $xLOOT, a minimum of 10,000 $LOOT is needed. If users opt for the higher packages, there is a slight bonus applied.

  • 1 xLOOT >> 15k $LOOT

  • 5 xLOOT >> 71.5k $LOOT (5% bonus)

  • 10 xLOOT >> 135k $LOOT (10% bonus)

$xLOOT is transferrable, although not convertable back into $LOOT. Burning $LOOT is a one-way ticket.

$xLOOT holders, apart from higher revenue sharing %, also receives special privileges such as higher portions of Airdropped tokens from Freemium commissions & private lounge chat.

More details will be communicated timely.

How to burn $LOOT for $xLOOT?

  1. Follow the guides on the dashboard to burn your $LOOT and receive $xLOOT

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