🎭Anti sybil-detection

Airdrop farming is the easy part. Learn how LootBot will avoid sybil-detection to maximize your qualification chance here.

Utilizing randomized strategies

  • It is important to avoid repetition and lack of creative strategies when you are airdrop farming. LootBot not only automates your activities but also randomize and constantly adopt new strategies suggested by experts and the community.

  • LootBot will diversify your on-chain activities across different accounts (wallets) to maximize your chance of getting airdrops.

Concealing On-Chain Movements

  • LootBot is highly diligent in the way funds are moved on-chain and interacted between wallets. Users can have the peace of mind that their farming wallet will not have any connection to any of LootBot's smart-contracts or related wallets.

  • When distributing funds between user's wallets, LootBot mix the funds using standard solutions such as Monero to completely conceal movements.

  • Premium users will have the options to automate mixing funds through CEXes to guarantee a legit wallet transaction history.

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