Create a Schedule

Learn how to create your own looting schedule

To create your own looting schedule, go to

Step 1: Name your schedule and write a description.

Step 2: Choose the chain you want to create a looting schedule on, then click "Next"

Step 3: Choose the action that you want to perform looting on a specfic chain. You can choose to "Add more task" here if you want to add another task to your looting schedule.

Step 4: Fill in data fields to customize your looting action.

You can choose "Add more tasks" if you want to add more tasks to your looting schedule.

Step 6: Choose the wallet you want to use for looting.

Reminder: "Create a Schedule" feature is only available for Premium and Free Trial users .

Step 7: Confirm your schedule and click "Loot" to start Looting.

Your Looting schedule is now ready. You can go to "My schedule" tab and monitor your schedule.

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