About Intent Terminal

Execute according to your intent.
Introducing the LootBot Intent Terminal.
Initially designed as an advanced version of the airdrop farming bot, the Intent Terminal offers much more. It's a platform where you can craft your own on-chain interactions, ensuring everything operates precisely as you intend.
Below are the core functions of the LootBot Intent Terminal:
1. Dashboard: Multi-Chain Interactions Tracking
Access a comprehensive view of all your wallet's on-chain transaction data across multiple networks. Key details include: Interactions with Smart Contracts, total number of transactions, aggregate transaction value, and gas spent.
This dashboard ensures you have a complete overview of your blockchain activities.
2. Schedule Hub: Exploring LootBot Community's Airdrop Strategies
Discover and engage with a wide array of Schedule templates shared within the LootBot Community. Here, you can effortlessly adopt strategies from others or share your own.
Notably, if a new user utilizes a schedule you created and subsequently upgrades their looting wallet to premium, you will automatically receive a referral bonus. This feature encourages community collaboration and rewards contributions.
3. Create a Schedule: Personalizing On-Chain Interactions
Empower yourself to create bespoke schedules for on-chain interactions, tailored for either airdrop farming or simple trading.
LootBot offers a wide range of customizable options to suit your needs. Choose from various Looting Networks, Protocols, and Actions such as swapping, bridging, or providing liquidity. Customize further with options like specific transaction amounts, maximum gas fees (Gwei), and preferred transaction timings,... This tool is designed to provide flexibility and control over your blockchain engagements.
4. My Schedule: Monitoring On-Chain Interaction
Keep a vigilant eye on all your scheduled activities within this section. Track the current status of each scheduled task - whether it's in progress, pending in queue, or has encountered a failure.
In case of a failed transaction, you can investigate the error, utilize the provided data editing tools to resolve the issue, and conveniently retry the transaction.
"My Schedule" offers a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for managing and troubleshooting your on-chain schedules.
5. My Account: Balance, Referrals and Schedule Library Tracking
Navigate to 'My Account' for an in-depth view of your financials and network activities within LootBot. Here, you can monitor the balances of all your wallets, check your subscription type, and have the option to upgrade your wallet to premium. Additionally, this section allows you to track the status and earnings from your referrals. It also serves as a central repository for your favored and personally created schedules. Store, manage, and edit these schedules with ease, setting them up for future use.