Our team of 7 heroes are working around the clock to deliver the best experience for Lootbot!


  • Launched "Create a schedule" on Lootbot Intent Terminal that allows users to customize their own looting routes.
  • Intergration with Wormhole
  • Intergration with Cosmos Ecosystem.


  • Launch Tracking Dashboard on Lootbot Intent Terminal for on chain interactions tracking.
  • Launch My Schedule section in Lootbot Intent Terminal that allow users to keep track and manage their Looting schedule.
  • Launch Staking Program that allows $LOOT holders to earn rewards in both ETH and $LOOT. Stake here
  • Added /Airdrop command in Telegram bot that allow users to check their eligbility for upcoming airdrops.
  • Added Eigenlayer looting on Ethreum Goerli
  • Partnership with PaalAI for automated community support to Lootbot users
  • More integration with Solana via Jupiter Finance
  • More integration with Manta via Elements NFT


  • Integration with Manta Network via Manta Bridge, Orbiter Finance, iZuMi Finance & QuickSwap DEX.
  • Added automated subscription renewal system for premium users.
  • Improved: More dynamic Looting amount for Looting routes.
  • Adjust Max gwei amount for looting schedule.
  • Integration with Solana via Mayan Swap
  • Smart contract deployment on zkSync & Linea via Merkly.
  • More integrations on Scroll via Uniswap & L2 Marathon.


  • Integration with Scroll Mainnet via Scroll Native Bridge, Orbiter Finance, Syncswap, iZuMi Finance, Skydrome, Uniswap & Merkly.
  • Added Smart contract deployment on Scroll via Merkly.
  • Added LayerZero looting via Stargate Finance, L2Marathon, WooFi and Merkly.
  • Added WooFi Swap for both zkSync and Linea.
  • Smart contract for automated referral rewards distribution.


  • Integration with Scroll Sepolia Testnet via Scroll Native Bridge, Orbiter Finance and SpaceFi.
  • More integration with Linea looting via LineaBank and KyberSwap.
  • Integration with Taiko Jolnir Testnet via Taiko Bridge, Orbiter Finance & Taiko Swap.
  • More integrations on zkSync Era via TevaEra and zkSync Name Service.


  • Launched subscription program that include 3 different categories: Premium, Freemium and Free Trial.
  • Launch Burning mechanism that allow users to burn $LOOT for $xLOOT to earn double revenue sharing incentives.
  • Launch Revenue sharing program that allow $LOOT and $xLOOT holders to earn revenue from their holdings.
  • Partnership announcements with Ton Foundation to appear in the Telegram Bot App Store.
  • Intergration with Linea via 5 dApps: Linea Bridge, Orbiter Finance, Syncswap, iZuMi Finance & OKX.
  • Added EigenLayer NFT Minting.
  • More integration on zkSync Era via L2Marathon, Merkly, OKX and KyberSwap.
  • Integration on Base Chain for Friendtech Key Buying.

JULY 2023

  • MVP Version on zkSync Era with with Bridge and Swap functions
  • Integrations with 6 dApps on zkSync Era: Orbiter Finance, SyncSwap, iZuMi Finance, Goal3, Velocore & Mute.io
  • Added /Trade function that allow users to trade any ERC-20 tokens without fee.
  • TGE: Launch $LOOT on Uniswap V2
  • Introduce Referral program with 4 tier Referral system.
  • Launched Ambassador program for X Infuencers.