Monitoring your Schedule

Monitor, edit and adjust your looting schedule with ease on Lootbot Intent Terminal.

Since its inception, Lootbot has always carried a mission of simplifying users airdrop farming process. With the My schedule section Lootbot users can simply their looting schedules within Lootbot Intent Terminal at "My schedule" section.

To access My Schedule section, please go to:

Track your looting schedule

With My schedule section, you can:

  • Track the current looting status of all your wallets accross different networks and protocols.

  • Filter and check your looting status from different wallets and chains separately.

Edit failed schedules

To edit and adjust failed schedules, select your failed schedule within the dashboard.

  • Check error: Check why your looting schedule failed.

  • Retry: Retry your failed schedule.

  • Edit Data: Edit the data related to the looting progress and retry it.

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