Solving your concerns about using Lootbot

Who will decide the Airdrop tasks

The airdrop tasks will be defined by airdrop campaigns suggested by our Alpha advisors, but team will choose which tasks and routes can be automated through the bot.

How tasks are triggered and how often?

The airdrop tasks will be triggered weekly and we will choose time with the lowest fees to conduct these airdrop routes.

Is my fund safe?

You hold complete control over your fund as you will be given your private key after creating a new wallet.

Your fund is completely safe as the private key is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard and only you can see it.

Which chains will Lootbot be farming on?

In the first phase, LootBot will be running on zkSync, but will be running through different EVM compatible chains (Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Scroll, Taiko…)

How will Lootbot avoid Sybil detections?

Lootbot avoids sybil detection through applying randomized routes, concealing on-chain activities through transferring funds to CEXes. Learn more at Anti Sybil detection.

What is the minimum amount required to start #Looting?

The minimum deposit currently required to start Looting is 0.06 ETH.

Please be reminded that this minimum amount for using Lootbot will also cover the expected gas fee (0.04 ETH) for each wallet.

How many wallets can I create using Lootbot?

Lootbot currently allows creating up to 10 farming wallets and 3 trading wallets.

Why do I need to always maintain 0.04 ETH or above in my wallet?

When you are using LootBot, a minimum of 0.04 ETH will be needed to perform various strategies, although the actual amount of gas fee used by Lootbot in most cases will be lower.

Each time LootBot automates transactions on behalf of users (bridge, swap, provide liquidity…), the gas fee quoted by dApps that Lootbot interact with is often ESTIMATED GAS FEE - not taking into account network congestions, lack of real-time updates etc.

Hence, it is recommended that users maintain a rather sufficient gas balance to avoid automations being interuppted.

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