🧠Lootbot x AI integration

How AI is turning your looting experience to the next level

About Lootbot Ai

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) is paying a more and more important role in tech products, Lootbot team has been spending time researching on how we can take your airdrop farming experience to the next level through the integration of AI.

Through harnessing the capabilities of the gmAI's gmInfra, Lootbot now enables users to perform airdrop farming tasks through straightforward text commands, thus simplifying interactions between users and the bot. Now, you can bridge, swap, and farm easily with just text commands.

What can Lootbot with AI do

Airdrop farming

To farm airdrop using Lootbot AI, just simply tell the bot to loot on your desired network, with the wallet that you want to loot with.


To bridge funds from Ethereum, just simply enter your destination chain name and tell the bot to bridge.


Swap tokens accross all supported networks by Lootbot by entering the input and output tokens and also the network that you want to

Check balance

Check your balance accross multiple networks by entering the chain name you want to cehck your balance on.

Transfer funds

Transfer funds between your wallets on all supported networks by Lootbot by entering the source wallet and the destination wallet, with the chain that you are storing your funds on.

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