How $LOOT and $xLOOT holders can generate additional earnings over time.

$LOOT and $xLOOT holders have the option to opt for auto-compounding where they can reinvest their revenue share rewards back into $LOOT, encompassing the accumulation of rewards not only on their original holdings but also on previously acquired rewards.

The benefits of auto-compounding extend even further. By participating:

  • You'll also enjoy an exemption from the 5% buy tax.

  • The buy transactions will be gas-free

How to

Simply toggle on the auto-compounding option.

Once activated, the magic happens: each time your revenue share earnings surpass $100 (approximately 0.05 ETH), they will be automatically converted into $LOOT, growing your share of the rewards overtime.

Auto-compounds will occur once per epoch should the rewards are sufficient and users have the feature enabled.

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