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Revenue sharing

75% of LootBot revenue is share between eligible $LOOT and $xLOOT holders.


To be eligible for revenue sharing, users must hold at least 1,000 $LOOT or 1 $xLOOT in their wallet.


In the context of $LOOT and $xLOOT rewards, an "Epoch" refers to a specific time cycle that occurs every 24 hours.
Before each Epoch, a snapshot of token holdings is taken to determine the distribution of rewards among participants. This regular time interval ensures a fair and consistent distribution of rewards over time.

Minimum Threshold

To claim rewards using your $LOOT and $xLOOT tokens, you need to meet a minimum threshold. This threshold is set at 0.1 ETH worth of accumulated unredeemed rewards. Once your unredeemed rewards reach or exceed this threshold, you become eligible to initiate the reward claiming process.

Distribution Ratio

  • 2/3 of RevShare (66,7%) will be shared to both x$LOOT & $LOOT holder
  • 1/3 of RevShare (33,3%) will be shared to x$LOOT holder only
Note: 1 xLOOT = 10,000 Burnt $LOOT. Read more

Distribution Method

The total revenue collected within a 24-hour period will not be shared singularly in a single epoch, but rather, it will be evenly distributed across subsequent epochs. This approach aims to create a more stable and consistent distribution of rewards, thereby reducing the impact of fluctuations that could arise if the revenue were shared in a single instance.
There are three important designs at play here:
  • Epoch Revenue: the total revenue LootBot generates in a 24-hour period
  • Revshare pool: the grant pool that accumulates 80% of each Epoch Revenue.
  • Epoc Revshare: the total revenue being shared to holders in a single epoch.
Epoch Revshare is made up of 20% from Epoch Revenue and 14.3% from the Revshare Pool. As LootBot continues to generate revenues, the reward pool keeps building up and yield $LOOT and $xLOOT holders a stable and consistent share of the revenue.