❓Subcription FAQ

Frequently Asked Question about LootBot Subscription.

Q: If I have been using LootBot Freemium plan for 3 months, then I decide to switch to the Premium Plan, how much does it cost?

A: If you have been using LootBot's Freemium plan for 3 months and then decide to switch to the Premium Plan, you will need to pay for the entire duration you have been using the Freemium plan. The payment will cover the 3 months of Freemium usage, and you will then be billed according to the pricing of the Premium Plan for the chosen duration going forward.

The discounts will still be applicable based on factors like the amount of $LOOT held in your Trading Wallet and the selected plan duration.

Q: How can I use the Freemium Plan if I have been using LootBot since its launch and have created/import 10 wallets which are displayed as in free-trial plan?

A: In that situation, you should remove your previously created/import wallet in the "Wallets" section. New wallets created by the bot are Freemium by default.

Q: How can I receive my airdrop on one chain while keeping my wallet on a Freemium subscription and continue using it to loot on other chains?

A: When your airdrop is available to claim, Lootbot will take 20% of your total claimable airdrop and send the remaining 80% to a desired wallet of your choice. As a result, you can still use your wallet to loot on other chains under Freemium subscription.

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